Data Crunch #3.2: List of All-Around Champions by Apparatus Placement (Counting Ties)

This is Part II
Link to Part I
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The following is a list of All-Around (AA) Champions ranked by points earned. A point is awarded for how high they placed on each of the four events during the AA. A gymnast placing with the highest score on vault earns 1-point, second highest 2-points, and so on. The objective is to score the fewest points possible and a perfect score (placing first on every event) is 4 points. This version does factor in ties and places a gymnast behind every competitor who tied them. For example a two-way tie for third place is treated as a 4th place finish. A three-way tie for third place is treated as a 5th place finish.

1964OlympicsVera Caslavska5
1968OlympicsVera Caslavska6
1974WorldsLudmila Turischeva6
1987WorldsAurelia Dobre7
2005WorldsChellsie Memmel8
2010WorldsAliya Mustafina8
2013WorldsSimone Biles8
2015WorldsSimone Biles8
1952OlympicsMaria Gorokhovskaya9
2012OlympicsGabby Douglas9
1978WorldsElena Mukhina10
1985WorldsElena Shushunova10
1991WorldsKim Zmeskal10
1960OlympicsLarissa Latynina10
1976OlympicsNadia Comaneci10
2003WorldsSvetlana Khorkina10
2014WorldsSimone Biles10
2016OlympicsSimone Biles10
1989WorldsSvetlana Boginskaya11
1993WorldsShannon Miller11
1995WorldsLilia Podkopayeva11
1985WorldsOksana Omelianchik12
1979WorldsNellie Kim12
1994WorldsShannon Miller12
1970WorldsLudmila Turischeva13
1988OlympicsElena Shushunova13
2007WorldsShawn Johnson13
1972OlympicsLudmila Turischeva13
1980OlympicsElena Davydova14
1956OlympicsLarissa Latynina14
2008OlympicsNastia Liukin14
2004OlympicsCarly Patterson14
2001WorldsSvetlana Khorkina14
1996OlympicsLilia Podkopayeva15
2009WorldsBridget Sloan15
2017WorldsMorgan Hurd15
1981WorldsOlga Bicherova17
1992OlympicsTatiana Gutsu17
1997WorldsSvetlana Khorkina17
2011WorldsJordyn Wieber17
2018WorldsSimone Biles19
1984OlympicsMary Lou Retton20
1999WorldsMaria Olaru21
1983WorldsNatalia Yurchenko22
2006WorldsVanessa Ferrari22
2000OlympicsAndreea Raducan24
2000OlympicsSimona Amanar39

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