What Happens When You Put a Gymnast Through Spellcheck?

Usually I try to go for the high-quality, in-depth analysis. But this time I’m going to change things up with a playful/joke article. Whenever I write about gymnastics, Spellcheck is always “correcting” the names of the gymnasts I write about. Often times with hilarious results. So I started taking some famous gymnasts, put their names through Spellcheck, just to see what would happen.

Nabieva: Namibia, Naive, Nabbing, Nevada, Ambien

Latynina: Latina, Latin, Latino, Latrine, Latently

Biles: Bile, Files, Bibles, Bills, Bible

Raisman: Irishman, Oarman, Russian, Raisin, Raise

Maroney: Marooned, Maroons, Marine, Mariner, Marjoy

Mustafina: Mustang, Musician, Mistaking, Mistuning, Mistaken, Misstating, Anastasia

Podkopayeva: Padlocked

Huilan: Hulling, Hauling, Hula, Hillman, Hailing, Hail, Hilda

Liukin: Licking, Liken, Oilskin, Lucking, Lacking, Looking, Liquid, Lick

Eremina: Remain, Remind, Eremite, Armenian, Remand


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