The Margin of Victory in Every All-Around Battle

Data Crunch #2.3
See also: All-Around battles With the Smallest Margin of Victory
See also: All-Around battles With the Largest Margin of Victory
Link to: An Analysis of Margin of Victory in Gymnastics

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Year1st Place2nd PlaceMOV
1950Helena RakoczyAnn-Sofi Pettersson2.316
1952Maria GorokhovskayaNina Bocharova0.840
1954Galina ShamraiEva Bosakova0.570
1956Larissa LatyninaAgnes Keleti0.300
1958Larissa LatyninaEva Bosakova1.132
1960Larissa LatyninaSofia Muratova0.335
1962Larissa LatyninaVera Caslavska0.298
1964Vera CaslavskaLarissa Latynina0.566
1966Vera CaslavskaNatalia Kuchinskaya0.201
1968Vera CaslavskaZinaida Voronina1.400
1970Ludmila TurischevaErika Zuchold0.600
1972Ludmila TurischevaKarin Janz0.150
1974Ludmila TurischevaOlga Korbut0.800
1976Nadia ComaneciNellie Kim0.600
1978Elena MukhinaNellie Kim0.150
1979Nellie KimMaxi Gnauck0.275
1980Elena DavydovaMaxi Gnauck
Nadia Comaneci
1981Olga BicherovaMaria Filatova0.325
1983Natalia YurchenkoOlga Mostepanova0.350
1984Mary Lou RettonEcaterina Szabo0.050
1985Oksana Omelianchik
Elena Shushunova
Elena Shushunova
Oksana Omelianchik
1987Aurelia DobreElena Shushunova0.163
1988Elena ShushunovaDaniela Silivas0.025
1989Svetlana BoginskayaNatalia Laschenova0.038
1991Kim ZmeskalSvetlana Boginskaya0.112
1992Tatiana GutsuShannon Miller0.012
1993Shannon MillerGina Gogean0.007
1994Shannon MillerLavinia Milosovici0.038
1995Lilia PodkopayevaSvetlana Khorkina0.118
1996Lilia PodkopayevaGina Gogean0.180
1997Svetlana KhorkinaSimona Amanar0.049
1999Maria OlaruViktoria Karpenko0.069
2000Simona AmanarMaria Olaru0.061
2000Andreea Raducan*Simona Amanar0.251
2001Svetlana KhorkinaNatalia Ziganshina0.312
2003Svetlana KhorkinaCarly Patterson0.188
2004Carly PattersonSvetlana Khorkina0.176
2005Chellsie MemmelNastia Liukin0.001
2006Vanessa FerrariJana Bieger0.275
2007Shawn JohnsonSteliana Nistor1.250
2008Nastia LiukinShawn Johnson0.600
2009Bridget Sloan Rebecca Bross0.050
2010Aliya MustafinaJiang Yuyuan1.034
2011Jordyn WieberViktoria Komova0.040
2012Gabby DouglasViktoria Komova0.259
2013Simone BilesKyla Ross0.884
2014Simone BilesLarisa Iordache0.466
2015Simone BilesGabby Douglas1.083
2016Simone BilesAly Raisman2.100
2017Morgan HurdEllie Black0.100
2018Simone BilesMai Murakami1.693
2019Simone BilesTang Xijing2.100
2021Sunisa LeeRebeca Andrade0.135
2021Angelina MelnikovaLeanne Wong0.292
2022Rebeca AndradeShilese Jones1.500

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(A) There are two data entries for the 2000 Olympics. One with the official winner, a second displaying Andreea Raducan’s vacated win.

(B) The 1985 World Championships ended in a tie for 1st place whereas the 1980 Olympics featured a tie for 2nd place.

(C) World Championships were held in both 1992 and 1996, but no All-Around competitions were contested.

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