Writeup: Olympic Gymnasts Who Married a Fellow Olympian

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There are only two examples of a WAG (female gymnast) who returned to the Olympics in a different sport, and then married an Olympian. But what makes this so surprising is that of the two WAGs in question, they both switched to the same sport (pole vaulting). The two gymnasts in question, Krisztina Molnar and Daniela Bartova even competed at the same Olympics in their lone Olympic appearance as a WAG (1992).

Female Olympic gymnasts marrying male Olympic gymnasts was by far the most popular sport combination and represents 57% of all marriages. But the second most popular combination was female gymnasts marrying an Olympian in Modern pentathlon which occurred on four different occasions.

Nadia Comaneci and Henrietta Onodi are the only two Olympic gymnasts that married an athlete from a country that was different than the country they represented at the Olympics.

Vasiliki Millousi and Lefteris Petrounias

In a previous article I understated the number of Olympic gymnasts who married a fellow gymnast. Using a different way to scrap the database I was able to find 11 additional gymnasts who married a fellow Olympian. The new number is 79 marriage combinations of which ten ended in divorce.

In the above statement, 45 of 79 marriage combinations are between a male and female gymnast. I also searched the data for any additional marriages between gymnasts of the same gender and no examples were found.

Vasiliki Millousi and Lefteris Petrounias

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