Gymnasts Who Won Individual Medals in Different Olympic Quads

This list counts all the individual medals a gymnast has won at the World Championships and Olympics, and how many different Olympic cycles (quads) each gymnast won their medals in. It should be noted that for some gymnasts it was quite difficult for them to medal in multiple quads as they made their debut at the beginning of an Olympic cycle. Whereas other gymnasts were able to win medals across multiple Olympic quads in a very short time frame because they debuted very late in an Olympic cycle.

The best example of this is Maria Paseka who won medals on vault in 2012, 2015, 2016, and 2017. This allowed her to qualify for three Olympic quads despite all her medals coming in just a 5-year, 2-month window. The data only includes individual medals. Gymnasts such as Dominique Dawes, Gina Gogean, Steffi Kraker, Ludmilla Turischeva, and Aliya Mustafina have won medals in three different quads, but they did not accomplish the more difficult task of winning individual medals in three different quads.

Note: The 2021 World Championships are considered the beginning of the 2021-2024 Paris Olympic quad.

NameCountry# of Quads
Oksana ChusovitinaSoviet Union
Keiko IkedaJapan4
Beth TweddleUnited Kingdom3
Catalina PonorRomania3
Eva BosakovaCzechoslovakia3
Larissa LatyninaSoviet Union3
Maria PasekaRussia3
Pauline SchaeferGermany3
Svetlana KhorkinaRussia3
Tamara ManinaSoviet Union3
Vanessa FerrariItaly3
Agnes KeletiHungary2
Alicia SacramoneUnited States2
Aliya MustafinaRussia2
Aly RaismanUnited States2
Andreea RaducanRomania2
Angelina MelnikovaRussia2
Ann-Sofi PetterssonSweden2
Annia HatchCuba
United States
Bi WenjingChina2
Chellsie MemmelUnited States2
Daniela SilivasRomania2
Ecaterina SzaboRomania2
Elena DavydovaSoviet Union2
Elena ZamolodchikovaRussia2
Ellie BlackCanada2
Erika ZucholdEast Germany2
Fan YilinChina2
Gabby DouglasUnited States2
Gabriela PotoracRomania2
Gina GogeanRomania2
Giulia SteingruberSwitzerland2
Hana RicnaCzechoslovakia2
He KexinChina2
Helena RakoczyPoland2
Hong Un-jongNorth Korea2
Jade BarbosaBrazil2
Jade CareyUnited States2
Karin JanzEast Germany2
Kathy JohnsonUnited States2
Ksenia AfanasyevaRussia2
Kui YuanyuanChina2
Larissa PetrikSoviet Union2
Lavinia MilosoviciRomania2
Liu XuanChina2
Ludmilla TurischevaSoviet Union2
Ma YanhongChina2
Mai MurakamiJapan2
Maria FilatovaSoviet Union2
Maria GorokhovskayaSoviet Union2
Maxi GnauckEast Germany2
McKayla MaroneyUnited States2
Mykayla SkinnerUnited States2
Nadia ComaneciRomania2
Nellie KimSoviet Union2
Nina DerwaelBelgium2
Olga KorbutSoviet Union2
Polina AstakhovaSoviet Union2
Rebeca AndradeBrazil2
Sandra IzbasaRomania2
Shannon MillerUnited States2
Simona AmanarRomania2
Simone BilesUnited States2
Sofia MuratovaSoviet Union2
Steffi KrakerEast Germany2
Stella ZakharovaSoviet Union2
Svetlana BoginskayaSoviet Union2
Tatiana LysenkoSoviet Union
Vera CaslavskaCzechoslovakia2
Viktoria KomovaRussia2
Vlasta DekanovaCzechoslovakia2
Yao JinnanChina2
Zinaida VoroninaSoviet Union2

More data can be found here.

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