Ranking the Best Gymnasts of the 1960 Quad

To explain this post: A gold is worth three points, silver is worth two points, and bronze is worth one point. Only individual medals will be counted as to avoid punishing gymnasts who competed for nations that aren’t established WAG powers. If there is a tie, both gymnasts get the full point total. For example Vera Caslavska and Larissa Petrik each get three points for sharing the gold medal on floor at the 1968 Olympics.

Larissa LatyninaSoviet Union25
Eva BosakovaCzechoslovakia10
Sofia MuratovaSoviet Union9
Polina AstakhovaSoviet Union7
Margarita NikolaevaSoviet Union3
Tamara ManinaSoviet Union3
Keiko IkedaJapan2
Lidia IvanovaSoviet Union2
Tamara LyukhinaSoviet Union2

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