Ranking the Best Gymnasts of the 1992 Quad

To explain this post: A gold is worth three points, silver is worth two points, and bronze is worth one point. Only individual medals will be counted as to avoid punishing gymnasts who competed for nations that aren’t established WAG powers. If there is a tie, both gymnasts get the full point total. For example Amy Chow and Bi Wenjing each get two points for sharing the silver on uneven bars at the 1996 Olympics.

Lavinia MilosoviciRomania14
Svetlana BoginskayaSoviet Union13
Henrietta OnodiHungary12
Kim ZmeskalUnited States10
Tatiana GutsuSoviet Union10
Daniela SilivasRomania9
Cristina BontasRomania8
Shannon MillerUnited States8
Oksana ChusovitinaSoviet Union6
Lu LiChina5
Olesia DudnikSoviet Union5
Tatiana LysenkoSoviet Union5
Betty OkinoUnited States3
Fan DiChina3
Kim Gwang SukNorth Korea3
Maria NeculitaRomania3
Brandy JohnsonUnited States2
Li YifangChina2
Natalia LaschenovaSoviet Union2
Olga StrazhevaSoviet Union2
Gabriela PotoracRomania1
Mirela PascaRomania1

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