Ranking the Best Gymnasts of the 2008 Quad

To explain this post: A gold is worth three points, silver is worth two points, and bronze is worth one point. Only individual medals will be counted as to avoid punishing gymnasts who competed for nations that aren’t established WAG powers. If there is a tie, both gymnasts get the full point total. For example Ana Porgras and Rebecca Bross each get one point for sharing the bronze on uneven bars at the 2009 World Championships.

Nastia LiukinUnited States25
Cheng FeiChina14
Shawn JohnsonUnited States13
Alicia SacramoneUnited States9
Chellsie MemmelUnited States7
Sandra IzbasaRomania6
Vanessa FerrariItaly6
Oksana ChusovitinaGermany5
Beth TweddleUnited Kingdom4
Jana BiegerUnited States4
Steliana NistorRomania4
He KexinChina3
Hong Un JongNorth Korea3
Irina KrasnyanskayaUkraine3
Ksenia SemenovaRussia3
Yang YilinChina3
Hong Su JongNorth Korea2
Li ShanshanChina2
Cassy VericelFrance1
Catalina PonorRomania1
Elyse Hopfner-HibbsCanada1
Jade BarbosaBrazil1
Monette RussoAustralia1
Suzanne HarmesNetherlands1

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