Ranking the Best Gymnasts of the 2016 Quad

To explain this post: A gold is worth three points, silver is worth two points, and bronze is worth one point. Only individual medals will be counted as to avoid punishing gymnasts who competed for nations that aren’t established WAG powers. If there is a tie, both gymnasts (4 in the case of 2015) get the full point total. For example Deng Linlin and Rebecca Bross each get two points for sharing the silver on balance beam at the 2010 World Championships. 

Simone BilesUnited States40
Aliya MustafinaRussia11
Kyla RossUnited States7
Hong Un-jongNorth Korea6
Larisa IordacheRomania6
Huang HuidanChina5
Madison KocianUnited States5
Maria PasekaRussia5
Sanne WeversNetherlands5
Aly RaismanUnited States4
Daria SpiridonovaRussia4
Fan YilinChina3
McKayla MaroneyUnited States3
Viktoria KomovaRussia3
Yao JinnanChina3
Bai YawenChina2
Gabby DouglasUnited States2
Ksenia AfanasyevaRussia2
Laurie HernandezUnited States2
Vanessa FerrariItaly2
Amy TinklerUnited Kingdom1
Giulia SteingruberSwitzerland1
Maggie NicholsUnited States1
Mykayla SkinnerUnited States1
Pauline SchaeferGermany1
Sophie SchederGermany1

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