Ranking the Best Gymnasts of the 2021 Quad

To explain this post: A gold is worth three points, silver is worth two points, and bronze is worth one point. Only individual medals will be counted as to avoid punishing gymnasts who competed for nations that aren’t established WAG powers. If there is a tie, both gymnasts get the full point total. For example Mai Murakami and Angelina Melnikova each get one point for sharing the bronze on floor at the 2021 Olympics.

Rankings for other Olympic quads can be found in the data hub.

Simone BilesUnited States25
Nina DerwaelBelgium10
Jade CareyUnited States9
Morgan HurdUnited States8
Mai MurakamiJapan7
Sunisa LeeUnited States7
Liu TingtingChina5
Rebeca AndradeBrazil5
Angelina MelnikovaRussia4
Tang XijingChina4
Elena EreminaRussia3
Fan YilinChina3
Guan ChenchenChina3
Maria PasekaRussia3
Pauline SchaeferGermany3
Ana PadurariuCanada2
Anastasia IlyankovaRussia2
Becky DownieUnited Kingdom2
Ellie BlackCanada2
Mykayla SkinnerUnited States2
Shallon OlsenCanada2
Vanessa FerrariItaly2
Alexa MorenoMexico1
Claudia FragapaneUnited Kingdom1
Elisabeth SeitzGermany1
Ellie DownieUnited Kingdom1
Giulia SteingruberSwitzerland1
Li ShijiaChina1
Tabea AltGermany1
Yeo Seo JeongSouth Korea1

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