Trivia Challenge #1

(1) The 2015 World Championships are infamous for witnessing a four-way tie. Who were the four gymnasts who shared a medal?

(2) Who was the first WAG to win a medal for Russia at the World Championships?

(3) This Cold War era WAG was eliminated on country limits from an AA final at the World Championships despite being the defending AA gold medalist at the World Championships, World Cup, and European Championships.

(4) This Romanian WAG won team medals in two different Olympics, but never won a medal (of any kind) at the World Championships.

(5) Who finished 4th in the AA at the 2018 World Championships?

(6) This WAG from the 2000s competed in two different sports, won medals at the Commonwealth Games in both sports, and even went to the Olympics in both sports.

(7) This WAG won two medals at the 2009 World Championships. Sadly, they were the only medals of her career.

(8) Elena Produnova’s coach (Ruslan Lavrov) also coached this Soviet WAG who went to the Olympics.

Answers can be found here.

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