Trivia Challenge #3

Link to last week’s challenge.

(1) Who did Simone Biles share a podium with at the 2014 World Championships during the All-Around medal ceremony?

(2) This gymnast used “House of the Rising Sun” as her floor music in 1979.

(3) Mai Murakami currently has a gold medal, a silver medal, and a bronze medal at the World Championships. Which events did they come in?

(4) This gymnast won a gold medal on floor at the European Championships, World Cup, and World Championships, only to finish in second place on floor at the Olympics…twice.

(5) This gymnast won the gold medal on beam at the 2002 World Championships. It would end up being the only medal of her career World Championships/Olympic competition.

(6) What is the combined career medal count of Larissa Latynina at the Olympics and World Championships?

(7) This Soviet gymnast experienced a controversy at the American Cup after she was denied a request to raise the high bar. She would later fall on the uneven bars during the All-Around Final.

(8) This gymnast missed the 1979 World Championships because of her age but that didn’t stop her from appearing on Johnny Carson.

Answers can be found here.

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