What Do These Symbols Mean?

Under the “results” section of each profile page the following symbols are used:


The main purpose of these symbols: Is to resolve a technical issue to make the results display properly on mobile. They are a solution to a problem and aren’t supposed to be anything important. The meaning behind each symbol:

(G1) = Group-1: This is the designation used for only two competitions, the World Championships and the Olympics.

(B4) = Big Four: During the Cold War the World Championships, Olympics, World Cup, and European Championships. Because Worlds/Olympics are already considered G-1, they are listed under the G-1 designation instead. “B4” is a Cold War era term and ceases to be used after the early 1990s.

(C) = Continental Championships: This term is for events such as the European Championships, Asian Games, and Pan-American Games.

(D) = Domestic Circuit: This designation is used primarily for competitions such as the U.S. Classic, Chinese National Games and other championships on a national level. It is also used to identify international competitions on “home turf” that are considered highly favorable to domestic competitors. For example, American gymnasts have a “D” for the American Cup whereas foreign gymnasts are listed with an “X.”

(J) = Junior Circuit: This designation is for competitions that were either exclusive to juniors, or are have a history of being utilized as a “proving grounds” for young developing prospects.

(X) = Nothing: These are competitions that don’t fit into any of the previously mentioned categories.

Note: Results that either have no symbols or have a have yet to be verified to make sure they are error free. Results with any of these symbols undefined have been verified. I will eventually verify every result, but with 328 profiles (and counting) it will take some time.

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