The Dominance of Simone Biles is Insane (Part II)

Link to Part I

Data Crunch #7.2

A few weeks ago I published an article (linked above) where I measured the dominance of Simone Biles on an event-by-event basis. The Gymternet loved it, but there was also a ton of commentary on Aliya Mustafina. More specifically, how strong Mustafina’s performances are relative to everyone not named Simone Biles. So I decided to make another graphic where I can demonstrate just how far ahead of the field Mustafina and Biles are. It also gives a good perspective on who is an All-Arounder and who is a specialist.

I took the top ten gymnasts of the 2010s from Data Crunch #5.1 link here. I gave Sui Lu credit for her 2009 bronze medal on floor in the graphic, but I didn’t change where she was located in the graphic. The new graphic is below. I suggest you open the image in a new tab to make it bigger.


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