American Gymnasts With the Most Appearances at the Olympics and World Championships

This is a list of every American gymnast who has ever represented the United States in women’s gymnastics at the Olympics and World Championships. The data is below but before viewing it there are a couple of things readers should consider.

There were “extra” World Championships in 1992 and 1996 alongside the Olympics as well as two different World Championships held in 1994. This quirky scheduling gave gymnasts of the 1990s an advantage in the data. There are also six gymnasts with an * next to their names as they are credited with one extra appearance because of the 1980 Olympic boycott. Lastly, Annia Hatch is credited with four appearances despite representing the United States on just one occasion because she had previously represented Cuba on three occasions.

Dominique Dawes8
Kerri Strug7
Shannon Miller7
Simone Biles7
Kathy Johnson*6
Alicia Sacramone6
Aly Raisman5
Muriel Grossfeld4
Doris Brause (Fuchs)4
Julianne McNamara*4
Kelly Garrison4
Jaycie Phelps4
Amy Chow4
Chellsie Memmel4
Annia Hatch**4
Nastia Liukin4
Gabby Douglas4
Jade Carey4
Linda Metheny3
Cathy Rigby3
Joan Moore3
Kim Chace3
Marcia Frederick*3
Tracee Talavera*3
Pam Bileck3
Betty Okino3
Kim Zmeskal3
Amanda Borden3
Dominique Moceanu3
Kristin Maloney3
Mohini Bhardwaj3
Tasha Schwikert3
Courtney Kupets3
Terin Humphrey3
Bridget Sloan3
McKayla Maroney3
Kyla Ross3
Madison Kocian3
Grace McCallum3
Connie Caruccio-Lenz2
Dorothy Dalton2
Marian Barone2
Clara Schroth-Lomady2
Meta Elste2
Gail Sontegrath2
Betty Maycock2
Dale McClements2
Kathy Gleason2
Joyce Tanac2
Wendy Cluff2
Kathy Howard2
Christa Canary2
Leslie Pyfer2
Amy Koopman*2
Sabrina Mar2
Missy Marlowe2
Phoebe Mills2
Brandy Johnson2
Chelle Stack2
Wendy Bruce2
Larissa Fontaine2
Kristy Powell2
Elise Ray2
Jamie Dantzscher2
Carly Patterson2
Jana Bieger2
Ivana Hong2
Samantha Peszek2
Shawn Johnson2
Rebecca Bross2
Jordyn Wieber2
MyKayla Skinner2
Ashton Locklear2
Morgan Hurd2
Kara Eaker2
Sunisa Lee2
Jordan Chiles2
Leanne Wong2
Jennie Caputo1
Irma Haubold1
Margaret Duff1
Ada Lunardoni1
Adelaide Meyer1
Mary Wright1
Marie Kibler1
Laddie Bakanic1
Helen Schifano1
Anita Simonis1
Doris Kirkman1
Ruth Grulkowski1
Ruth Topalian1
Dorothy Dalton1
Marie Hoesly1
Joyce Racek1
Jackie Klein1
Judy Howe1
Sandra Ruddick1
Sharon Richardson1
Teri Montefusco1
Avis Tibber1
Marie McNalther1
Janie Speaks1
Marie Walther1
Kathleen Corrigan1
Caroline Hacker1
Debbie Bailey1
Colleen Mulvihill1
Adele Gleaves1
Cleo Carver1
Roxanne Pierce1
Nancy Thies1
Diana Dunbar1
Debbie Fike1
Janette Anderson1
Ann Carr1
Kolleen Casey1
Carrie Englert1
Debbie Willcox1
Leslie Wolfsberger1
Rhonda Schwandt1
Donna Turnbow1
Leslie Russo1
Suzy Kellems1
Luci Collins*1
Gina Stallone1
Michelle Goodwin1
Yumi Mordre1
Tanya Service1
Mary Lou Retton1
Michelle Dusserre1
Tracy Calore1
Marie Roethlisberger1
Jennifer Sey1
Kristie Phillips1
Rhonda Faehn1
Hope Spivey1
Christy Henrich1
Kim Kelly1
Sandy Woolsey1
Hilary Grivich1
Michelle Campi1
Doni Thompson1
Theresa Kulikowski1
Mary Beth Arnold1
Jennie Thompson1
Kendall Beck1
Vanessa Atler1
Morgan White1
Jeanette Antolin1
Rachel Tidd1
Ashley Miles1
Tabitha Yim1
Katie Heenan1
Ashley Postell1
Samantha Sheehan1
Hollie Vise1
Courtney McCool1
Natasha Kelley1
Ashley Priess1
Shayla Worley1
Kayla Williams1
Mattie Larson1
Mackenzie Caquatto1
Sabrina Vega1
Alyssa Baumann1
Brenna Dowell1
Maggie Nichols1
Laurie Hernandez1
Ragan Smith1
Riley McCusker1
Konnor McClain1
Kayla DiCello1
eMjae Frazier1
Shilese Jones1
Skye Blakely1

More data can be found here.


One thought on “American Gymnasts With the Most Appearances at the Olympics and World Championships

  1. I’m sorry but all those who were on the boycotted 1980 team should have one figure less. If someone did not make an appearance (regardless of why), they did not make an appearance. Because if it hadn’t been the boycott it could have ANYTHING else that prevented them from being there, from last minute injury (Elena Mukhina) to being thrown off the team. So even though I like all of them (as they are all some of my favourite American gymnasts–especially the much lesser known Amy Koopman) the cold hard fact remains that they are NOT 1980 Olympians and therefore the data in this chart is subsequently skewed.

    But that aside, I actually really enjoyed the list as it was great to see all these names in one place and there were also some much unexpected surprises here too (Dawes as #1). If anything I would have suggested citing the year(s) in which they competed as well if it wouldn’t be too time consuming.


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