Amelie Morgan

Total Medals:

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World Championships & Olympic Competition:


English Championships: 2nd-AA, 1st-BB

School Games: 3rd-AA, 4th-VT, 6th-UB, 3rd-BB, 3rd-FX
Olympic Hopes Cup: 2nd-Team, 2nd-AA, 4th-VT, 6th-UB, 5th-BB, 3rd-FX

British Championships: 2nd-AA, 2nd-VT, 2nd-UB, 1st-BB, 7th-FX
German Junior Friendly: 3rd-Team, 11th-AA
Euro Youth Olympic Festival: 5 7th-AA, 3rd-BB, 5th-FX
British Team Championships: 2nd-AA
Olympic Hopes Cup: 1st-AA, 2nd-VT, 4th-BB, 1st-FX
Top Gym 2nd-Team, 5th-AA, 4th-BB, 1st-FX

English Championships: 1st-AA
British Championships: 1st-AA 1st 1st 3rd 1st
Youth Olympic Games Qualifier: 6th-AA
Pieve di Soligo Friendly: 3rd-Team, 8th-AA
European Championships: 3rd-Team, 2nd-AA, 3rd-VT, 2nd-BB, 3rd-FX
British Team Championships: 1st-AA
Youth Olympics: 2nd-AA, 6th-VT, 4th-UB, 3rd-BB, 2nd-FX

English Championships: 1st-AA
British Championships: 3rd-AA, 3rd-UB, 3rd-BB, 4th-FX
European Championships: Participant
Cottbus World Cup: 7th-UB

Covid-19 pandemic

European Championships: 4th-AA 3rd-UB, 4th-BB
Olympic Games: 3rd-Team


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Results are taken from Score for Score, The Gymternet, GymnasticGreats, My Meet Scores, Gymn-Forum, the official websites of various national gymnastics federations, newspaper clippings, classic gymnastics magazines, and in some cases, were provided by the gymnasts themselves. An explanation for the meaning of these undefined symbols can be found here.

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