Claudia Fragapane

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World Championships & Olympic Competition:


2019 European Championships floor 5th
2019 British Championships floor silver
2017 World Championships floor bronze
2017 British Championships floor silver
2016 Olympic Games team 5th
Named in the Team GB squad for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games
2016 British Championships all-around champion, vault, beam and floor silver
2016 English Championships all-around, bars, beam and floor champion
2015 World Championships team bronze
2015 European Championships floor silver
2015 British Championships vault champion, all-around and floor silver, bars and beam bronze
2014 World Championships all-around, vault and floor finalist
2014 Commonwealth Games (Team England) team gold, all-around, vault and floor champion
2014 European Championships team silver
2014 British Championships vault silver, all-around and bars bronze
2014 English Championships vault champion, all-around bronze
2012 Coupe Avenir International vault champion, all-around and bars bronze
2012 Junior British Championships vault silver, all-around 5th
2011 Junior English Championships all-around 5th
2011 Junior British Championships vault bronze, all-around 8th


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