Denisa Golgota

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To explain the impact Denisa Golgota had on the Romanian program, in the 2-year period ranging from 2018-2019, Romania qualified a gymnast to an All-Around/Event Finals on seven different occasions at the World Championships and European Championships. On all seven occasions the Romanian gymnast who had done it was Denisa Golgota.

In an era where one of the most sacred and historic programs in the sport had found itself in a state of total collapse, Denisa Golgota seemed to be the gymnast keeping it afloat. At the 2018 World Championships Denisa Golgota had been vital to keeping Romania’s Olympic prospects alive for one additional year, but doing it for a second time in 2019 proved to be too much. Not only had Romania failed to qualify a team to the Olympics, Golgota herself had been surpassed by her teammates making it impossible for Denisa to attend the Olympics in an individual role.

Golgota’s performance at the 2019 World Championships was an anticlimactic end to a storied career. It is impossible for anyone in Romania to criticize Golgota or her teammates over a lackluster 2019 performance, they were the reason Romania was even in a position to send a team to the 2019 World Championships in the first place. If Golgota struggled with mental consistency, the blame rests with the Romania program who had put so much pressure on Denisa. She had called upon to single handedly save a legendary program time and time again.

Denisa was one of the most popular gymnasts of her era and it came as a surprise when Golgota announced her retirement in 2020 just one month past her 18th birthday. It was one of the most unexpected retirements in WAG history, but perhaps it was for the best. Denisa Golgota realized she was young and could do anything she wanted in life, and it didn’t have to involve gymnastics. Golgota had the wisdom to make that decision when she was young and before she had worn her body out in a training hall. Denisa Golgota was only 17 years old when she competed for the final time. Despite a short career and only 2 medals at the European Championships, Golgota rightfully earned a legacy for herself by carrying the Romanian WAG on her back for two years when the program had no other gymnast to turn to.

World Championships & Olympic Competition:


National Championships: 3rd-Team, 8th-AA, 1st-VT, 8th-BB, 6th-FX

International Gymnix Junior Cup 5th-Team, 22th-AA, 4th-VT
BEL-ROM Dual Meet: 1st-Team, 5th-AA
FRA-ROM Dual Meet: 1st-Team
Jr. European Championships: 3rd-Team, 2nd-VT, 1st-FX
National Championships: 2nd-Team, 5th-AA, 1st-VT, 2nd-FX
Junior National Championships: 4th-AA, 1st-VT, 7th-UB, 5th-BB, 2nd-FX
Tournoi International: 6th-AA

European Youth Olympic Festival: 10th-Team, 15th-AA, 2nd-VT
National Championships: 1st-Team, 2nd-AA, 1st-VT, 8th-UB, 3rd-FX

Jesolo: 12-AA, 4th-VT
Deva Friendly: 1st-Team, 1st-AA, 1st-VT, 1st-FX
Koper Challenge Cup: 2nd-VT, 6th-UB, 3rd-BB, 2nd-FX
Izvorani Friendly: 1st-Team, 1st-AA, 1st-VT, 1st-UB, 1st-BB, 1st-FX
European Championships: 12th-AA, 3rd-VT, 2nd-FX
Varsenare Friendly: 3rd-Team, 4th-AA, 1st-VT, 2nd-FX
World Championships: 17th-AA
Cottbus World Cup: 8th-BB

European Championships: 17th-AA, 6th-VT, 5th-BB, 4th-FX
European Games: 11th-AA, 4th-BB, 6th-FX
National Championships: 2nd-Team, 6th-AA, 2nd-VT, 5th-BB, 2nd-FX
Cottbus World Cup: 7th-FX
World Championships: Participant


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Results are taken from Score for Score, The Gymternet, GymnasticGreats, My Meet Scores, Gymn-Forum, the official websites of various national gymnastics federations, newspaper clippings, classic gymnastics magazines, and in some cases, were provided by the gymnasts themselves. An explanation for the meaning of these undefined symbols can be found here.

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