Elena Abrashitova

World Cup:

Elena Abrashitova was coached by Oleg Ostapenko at Dynamo Kherson alongside Natalia Kalinina and Tatiana Lysenko. The three gymnasts were something of a trio having the same club, same coach, and were all born within 18 months of each other making them roughly the same age. Abrashitova never achieved the same level of success as her training partners, but she serves as an example as to how strong the Soviet “B-Team” was.

Abrashitova appeared in a dual meet against the United States in 1989 while also attending the World Sports Fair in the following year. Proving that she did occasionally earn prestigious assignments that the Soviets only awarded to its strongest members of the National team. Information regarding the current whereabouts of Abrashitova is difficult to come by. She was lasted placed as living in Crimea by GymnasticsGreats, but that information comes from 20 years ago.


undefined Junior USSR Championships: 5th-AA

Konica Cup: 4th-AA, 2nd-VT, 5th-UB
URS-USA Dual Meet: 7th-AA, 1st Team
USSR Championships: 5th-AA

World Sports Fair: 5th-AA
USSR Championships: 12th-AA
Avignon Jr. International: 7th-AA

URS/ROM/BEL/FRA Quad Meet: 2nd-AA (T), 1st Team
USSR Championships/USSR Spartakiade: 18th-AA, DNQ-VT, DNQ-UB, DNQ-BB, DNQ-FX
This was a single competition with both the USSR Championships and USSR Spartakiade titles at stake.


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