Elizabeth Price

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World Championships & Olympic Competition:


Pacific Rim Championships, Richmond, Canada – 1st-Team, AA, UB, FX; 3rd-BB
American Cup, Greensboro, N.C. – 1st-AA

Glasgow World Cup, Glasgow, Scotland – 2nd-AA
DTB World Cup, Stuttgart, Germany – 1st-AA
U.S. Championships, Hartford, Conn. – 8th-UB

World Cup, Glasgow, Scotland – 1st-AA
World Cup, Stuttgart, Germany – 1st-AA
Jesolo – 1st-Team; 2nd-VT; 5th-FX; 6th-AA; 7th-UB(T)
U.S. Olympic Trials, San Jose, Calif. – 4th-AA, FX; 5th-UB
U.S. Championships, St. Louis, Mo. – 5th-AA, FX; 8th-UB
Secret U.S. Classic, Chicago, Ill. – 2nd-VT(T); 4th-UB; 5th-AA

Jesolo – 1st-Team; 3rd-VT; 4th-BB(T); 7th-AA; 8th-FX(T) (Jr. Div.)
U.S. Championships, Saint Paul, Minn. – 4th-UB; 5th-VT(T) (Jr. Div.)
CoverGirl Classic, Chicago, Ill. – 3rd-UB(T) (Jr. Div.)

U.S. Championships, Hartford, Conn. – 5th-VT, UB(T) (Jr. Div.)


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