Mo Huilan

This bio page is still a work in progress. A list of her full results will eventually be added here.

CHN Cup: 5th AA, 1st UB
Cottbus International: 6th AA
Jr. Pacific Alliance Championships: 1st AA, 1st V, 1st UB, 3rd FX, 6th B

Asian Games: 1st Team, 1st V, 1st UB, 1st B, 1st FX, 3rd AA
China Cup: 4th AA, 1st B, 6th FX
Trophee de Marseille: 18th AA
World Championships (Brisbane): 7th AA, 7th FX
World Championships (Dortmund): 4th Team

China Cup: 1st AA
Chunichi Cup: 1st UB, 3rd AA, 3rd V, 7th FX, 8th B
Kawasaki Cup: 1st UB, 4th FX, 5th V, 7th B
World Championships (Sabae): 1st B, 2nd Team, 2nd UB, 4th V, 4th FX, 6th AA

Chinese Nationals: 1st AA
Olympic Games: 2nd V, 4th Team, 5th AA, 6th FX

BLR-CHN-SUI Tri Meet: 1st Team, 3rd AA
Thailand International: 2nd UB, 2nd B
Trophee de Marseille: 2nd FX, 5th B, 8th UB
World Championships (Lausanne): 3rd Team