Natalia Karamushka

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Natalia Karamushka never competed in a World Championships or Olympics due to the extreme depth of the Soviet program. She competed at the 1977 Chunichi Cup in Japan alongside future Olympians Elena Naimushina and Elena Davydova.


Jr. USSR Cup: 1st-AA, 2nd-UB, 3rd-BB, 1st-FX (Competed lower level during AA, but in the top level for EF)
Jr. USSR Championships: 2nd-AA

undefined Jr. European Championships: 2nd-AA, 2nd-VT, 8th-UB, 1st-BB, 1st-FX
undefined Druzhba: 2nd-AA, 2nd-UB, 2nd-FX, 1st-Team
Golden Sands: 2nd-AA
Moscow News: (Competed exhibition, no scores recorded)
Kosice International: 3rd-AA
URS-GDR-HUN Tri Meet: 5th-AA, 1st Team
Chunichi Cup: 2nd-AA (T)

Moscow News: (Competed Exhibition)
Junior USSR Championships: 3rd-AA
Coca-Cola International: 5th-AA, 3rd-FX
USSR Youth Championships: 1st-AA

Jr. URS-HUN Dual Meet: 2nd-AA, 3rd-UB, 1st-BB, 1st-FX
Riga International: 10th-AA (Exhibition)
USSR Championships: 10th-AA, 5th-BB, 4th Team
USSR Cup: 15th-AA

Trudoviye Reservi Championships: 2nd-AA

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Results are taken from Score for Score, The Gymternet, GymnasticGreats, My Meet Scores, Gymn-Forum, the official websites of various national gymnastics federations, newspaper clippings, classic gymnastics magazines, and in some cases, were provided by the gymnasts themselves. An explanation for the meaning of these undefined symbols can be found here.

One thought on “Natalia Karamushka

  1. Espero no equivocarme, pero Natalia Karamushka era unas de las mejores amigas de Elena Mukhina.
    Después de varias competencias de Elena, se le ve acompañando a Mukhina.
    EN una entrevista dijo que la fruta favorita de Elena Mukhina eran las fresas.
    Hoy día es coreografa.


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