Olga Korbut

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Olga Korbut was the first gymnast to achieve massive amounts of fame and started the trend of gymnastics being one of the most widely covered sports at the Olympics. Her difficult acrobatic routines were revolutionary for the time and helped modernize the sport.

Korbut’s breakout success came at the 1972 Olympics when she first won over the crowds with her uneven bars routine which featured the famed “Korbut Flip.” Only to then botch the same bars routine in the All-Around knocking her down to 7th place. But Olga’s charming personality made her a fan favorite and in Event Finals Korbut stole the show by winning three medals. Sealing her fate as a gymnastics legend.

Olga dominated the 1974 World Championships in what is statistically one of the greatest performances of all time, but the AA once again went to her longtime rival Ludmilla Turischeva. Korbut attended the 1976 Olympics but would be overshadowed by WAG’s next Olympic superstar, Nadia Comaneci.

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Group-3 Competitions:
Results from these competitions will be added at a later date.


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